June 2nd, 2012

Spring 2012

Its been awhile since our last posting, a lot has been going on, births, weddings and job related issues, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ive been busy recently looking after various people cant say who, only kidding.

We have been busy training away in the local park here in Queens, with the way the economy has been the last few years it didn’t seem financially or fiscally prudent to incur the monthly strain of renting a Dojo space in the city.

Our  for training schedule is the same, once week in the park weather permitting, if you haven’t heard about it, that’s because we didn’t tell you!

I’m still teaching and hosting seminars when possible, but in the present climate I don’t think its fair to ask anyone to put their hand in their pockets when they are having a hard enough time making ends meet themselves.


In Jan I was hanging with the crew/posse in Baltimore MD, as always its a great pleasure to train with such enthusiastic practitioners of the art.

I hope to be headed down that way again for the last Thur in June first W/endin July on the way to NC then on to TN (roadtrip),  if your interested in training or simply hanging out just let me know.

In my humble opinion  its only thru constant peer review and introspection that we can fully become not just  good teachers but good human beings, its a cathartic process and a humbling process where-by you let complete strangers see your art for what it really is, either its the embodiment of a life’s work of self expression and art, demonstrated as a free unhindered mindfulness, our simply some inane and arcane esoterica practised behind closed doors while wearing black  pajamas.

I feel personally the time is coming when our art will have to bear the full scrutiny and test of modern times and its inherent constraints (legal, ethical and moral) or simply evaporate into the haze as many  of the students of the past have done, are we practising a live/life strategy , or marketing a strategy for life.

I hope everyone is well and managing/coping during these stressful times, it wont be long before were out of the darkness/ tunnel and back on the straight and narrow and into the light, and making a decent wage, lets start looking forward again, we need to take responsibility for our lives our happiness and our own futures.

March 19th, 2011


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Classes have moved to Sat at the local park , time TBD by consensus and subject to availability. Contact me directly by text or email for info….Regards Mark

March 19th, 2011


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Our thoughts and prayers go out to our teachers our friends and their families through out Japan, as they struggle to recover from the devastation and the heartache that has befallen their beautiful country, several people have been in contact with them, and so far everyone seems to be holding up as best they can given the circumstances, good luck and god speed.

Closer to home the Bruin Dojo is on sabbatical, we’ve taken a break from weekly classes in the city, due in part to the current financial situation, and partly because peoples lives right now are somewhat unpredictable and very busy.

This will pass, but in the mean time, the best advice is, keeping the head down and keep working thru it, its the only sensible course of action right now. We still train in the local park on a Sat morning, and we still travel to seminars, so make the time and make an effort, do what you can, when you can, train in the back yard , the basement or the local park.
Spring is the time of year to get moving again, “movement is life, so live life to its fullest”, whenever possible, the rest of the time, “short breaths and shorter steps”….regards M

March 19th, 2010

Spring 2010 classes

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We have classes in Sunset Park Wed nights 7pm till 9pm, and on Sat mornings in Manhattan 10am till 12 midday, text me ph 718 930 0729 to RSVP.

December 22nd, 2009

In Memory of my Mother

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Sat the 19th December my mother passed away after a 6 month  battle with kidney disease, she was a highly intelligent, highly motivated individual, with no political aspirations of her own she still managed to get embroiled in others battles , she lived life to its fullest , she smoked , she drank and she lived her life as hard as it possibly could.

 She was a whirlwind of emotion and energy, difficult to live with and hard to live without . My solution was to live half a world away to no avail , her effect on me has always been profound, she instilled in me a deep sense of pride and passion in whatever I undertook .

In her own life time she was an academic with a deep appreciation for the arts, literature, music and theater, the Times crossword was one of those passions. Even at the end of her journey she was still able to make a statement, that life without dignity or pride is not life, it is just existence, she decided it was her time and  left on her own  terms, she will be loved , she will be remembered and she will be missed.

 Non est vivere sed valere vita est

 “Life is more than just being alive it’s a life well lived”