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March 9th, 2008

Books and notes and their where abouts

Posted in News by Mark

Its come to my attention that over the last 10 years or so, I have lent out to various students ; books , notes and various manuals, now the time has come for people to return them to their rightful place, my book case. In order to provide assistance to new and old students alike, I have created a diverse library of a rather eclectic sort. With the help of this reference library I can lend books to students as the need arises, or more importantly as the questions arise. The cost of these books has been quite considerable over the years and some are hard to come by, never the less it would be greatly apprieciated if the books could be returned, and allow others to benefit from them, if however you still find them of help in your training  hold on to them and write an essay on how they have benefited you and helped on your journey for  knowledge, you can email me with the fruits of your efforts……..

March 9th, 2008

Road Trip

Posted in Seminars by Mark

Its that time of year again, when we go on the road to visit other Dojo’s, This month we head down the Jersey shore, to Spring Lake NJ to train with Mr Jack Hoban who will be hosting his regular monthly seminars, we should  all make an effort to travel and train whenever we can and these seminars provide just such an opportunity. As always its a great pleasure to train with Jack and hang out with his group.

 Anyone of any level and aptitude can take away with them plenty of new ideas and concepts, these are based on  the time honored practices and pricinciples of Budo taijutsu.  So regardless of the age or ability of the attendee the hardest part of the day is to just show up and train, as always jacks seminars are a great source of fun and sharing of knowledge, I sincerly hope that these seminars will remain a great source of inspiration for those of us out there who sometimes waiver in our belief or commitment to ourselves and our Art,  in truth the essence is to simply keep going, and more importantly in just showing up……Regards and hope to see you there Mark.