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December 22nd, 2009

In Memory of my Mother

Posted in Website Information by Mark

Sat the 19th December my mother passed away after a 6 month  battle with kidney disease, she was a highly intelligent, highly motivated individual, with no political aspirations of her own she still managed to get embroiled in others battles , she lived life to its fullest , she smoked , she drank and she lived her life as hard as it possibly could.

 She was a whirlwind of emotion and energy, difficult to live with and hard to live without . My solution was to live half a world away to no avail , her effect on me has always been profound, she instilled in me a deep sense of pride and passion in whatever I undertook .

In her own life time she was an academic with a deep appreciation for the arts, literature, music and theater, the Times crossword was one of those passions. Even at the end of her journey she was still able to make a statement, that life without dignity or pride is not life, it is just existence, she decided it was her time and  left on her own  terms, she will be loved , she will be remembered and she will be missed.

 Non est vivere sed valere vita est

 “Life is more than just being alive it’s a life well lived”