February 2nd, 2009

New schedule for the new year

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Happy new year to all, sorry its been so long since my last posting, things have been very busy, even in these times of uncertainty and unease we can still remain busy, simply keeping our collective heads down has never been a bad strategy regardless of whats ahead. Remaining an active member of society is as equally important as remaining physically and mentally active, if your wondering what you’ve been training for in the past, well here the chance to put your training into practice, we train hard for hard times, we are now living in  a time period where we will need our art more than ever, our training and practice keeps us prepared for these  changes and the basics  keep us centered in times of uncertainty.

We now have classes twice a week Tue and Thurs evenings 8-9.30pm at the 53rd & 3rd location, also new members can avail of training mon to fri . We will also have the occasional sat morning seminar for those that request it.  The  fee structure for  students enrolling in the new year can be found at www.bwarrior.com or simply contact the dojo by email and they will answer all your questions , and dont forget to ask if there are any special offers for new students.

BWarrior NYC Martial Arts
230 E. 53rd Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10022
ph:  (212) 752-3810
email:  bwarriormartialarts@gmail.com
web:    www.bwarrior.com

 We have started the year with the basics and fundamentals of sword work if you have your own training equipment I strongly urge you to practice at home as often as possible, it is only thru constant practice that we can begin to improve,  and by developing an insight with which we can discern the change in ourselves, “Times they are a changin” lets make sure were ahead of the curve, train when you can , practice when you can, stay in contact and be supportive of friends and family on a regular basis, take nothing for granted and  live life to your fullest potential for as long as you can. Sadness and loneliness and feeling helpless are common emotions in hard times like these, what makes them bearable is knowing that your not alone. If you where wondering in the past why structure and the basics where/are so important, its not that they simply have to be able to support just you, they have to be strong enough and stable enough to support and protect everyone else you care about, good luck with that….M

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