March 1st, 2009

Seminars-Feb 09

Posted in Seminars by Mark

Thank you to the Guys and Gals of Chapel Hill NC. I had a great time there and felt a great energy and vitality , I was made feel very welcome . For those of you who aren’t aware of the history of their Dojo it was founded by Dr Richard Stack many years ago, in the days when I still some dark hairs on my head, its been over 10years  now since I first made my first foray into the wilds of North Carolina, Myself and Phil Little attended a Steven Hayes seminars Hosted by Dr Stack,  we had a fantastic time all those years ago, we made some live long friends, and found a small piece of tranquillity in the process, a place I return to frequently. Every time I’m down in NC I make every effort to visit the Chapel Hill Quest Center,  and say Hi, last week was no exception this time we covered some basics and their inter-relationship to other techniques in the various ryu’s, some are quite obscure, and some are obvious, but all of these connections are tied with deep roots to the basics.  I look forward to my next vacation and my next visit to the Carolinas.

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