March 19th, 2011


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Our thoughts and prayers go out to our teachers our friends and their families through out Japan, as they struggle to recover from the devastation and the heartache that has befallen their beautiful country, several people have been in contact with them, and so far everyone seems to be holding up as best they can given the circumstances, good luck and god speed.

Closer to home the Bruin Dojo is on sabbatical, we’ve taken a break from weekly classes in the city, due in part to the current financial situation, and partly because peoples lives right now are somewhat unpredictable and very busy.

This will pass, but in the mean time, the best advice is, keeping the head down and keep working thru it, its the only sensible course of action right now. We still train in the local park on a Sat morning, and we still travel to seminars, so make the time and make an effort, do what you can, when you can, train in the back yard , the basement or the local park.
Spring is the time of year to get moving again, “movement is life, so live life to its fullest”, whenever possible, the rest of the time, “short breaths and shorter steps”….regards M

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