October 5th, 2006

Debt of Gratitude

Posted in Why We Train by Rob

With the likely coming reduction in the amount of Mark at our weeknight trainings, I want to take a moment to express gratitude for all Mark has done (and no doubt we haven’t seen the last of him). We all have been wildly fortunate to have access to an instructor of his caliber. Don’t get me wrong: our class has outstanding instructors in Theron and Eric, and the black belts (hell, all the belts) in class all rock. But Mark has set a standard for us to strive for.

Much of this martial art seems to be about feeling: feeling your own movement and place in space and in relation to surroundings and environment. The dojo with Mark there has never, not once, been a place that felt dull or repetitive. Mark excels at throwing (literally) us in new directions, mentally and physically. I don’t think he ever showed up for any reason other than to pass the very best of his art on to all who would come and train.

I hope in the years ahead we can continue the dojo in a way that honors the debt of gratitude we owe him for all he has taught and all he has done these past many years. His family deserves him at home, too. But for all his time and effort that he has put in to teaching us, I say my thanks, and plan to show it at the dojo. This art is our own, and benefits from all of us, but for all Mark has brought and given freely and added, THANKS. Be well, bear.

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