May 3rd, 2007

We moved

Posted in News by Mark

Just to let you know that as of May 1st 2007 we will be training at a new location, situated downtown not to far away from the Flat Iron building, its a nice , friendly space, with showers, changing rooms, and friendly staff.  Im looking forward to training here, with the new space comes changes, changes in times, 7pm until 9pm, changes in name, we like” New York Ninpo Society” as the name implies, we see ourselves as group or collective of like minded individuals, with a common goal, to promote the values and principles of Ninpo, while providing a support group for the development of the art in our area.

This year promises to be a busy one, the summer festival is coming, Tim is visiting NY soon, our 911 fundraiser is in the planning stages, we hope to break the 10,000 barrier this year, the emphasis this year will be twofold to raise funds for Search and Rescue teams in the greater New York area, and raise awareness about Autisim, for those of you that are not familiar with this disorder, it can have quite an effect on the family unit as a whole when first diagnosed, but with Early Intervention Program’s and  the rigorous treatments that are available now with the aid and assistance of the Federal Govt we can bring about changes in our young children, that are not only remarkable but simply miraculous,  we owe all the people involved with our sons care and treatment a deep heartfelt gratitude, and I will write more on the topic during the course of the coming months.

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