May 8th, 2007

Monday Night Budo

Posted in News by Mark

For those of you that feel the need for more pain and suffering we have the perfect opportunity for you.

 Monday evening training in Queens for those of you interested contact us by email, we will be training outdoors in a park while we have the good weather ahead, bring suitable outdoor attire, no ninja clothing allowed, black T & black sweats doesnt make you a ninja, so they are OK to wear!

We will be training with Bo staff, and covering the Kuki No Kata (nine demon/spirit form), training outdoors allows us to swing the Bo around to our hearts content, and get in touch with nature while we are at it.

If you have a Bo great,and if not just bring your regular hanbo or Half staff either will do, these have the same effect, you simply have to hit your opponent twice as hard and twice as much;-).

 Any questions please feel free to ask via email.

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