July 30th, 2008

Sept 6th fundraiser for The DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund

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Its that time of year again, when we think of helping others in our community, who may need our assistance. This year Mr Jack Hoban, Mr Matt Hilldreth, Mr Brayner Martinez and myself ,will be donating our time and efforts freely for this event.

The Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations to the Fund are tax-deductible. Donations can be earmarked specifically for any of the above-mentioned trusts or simply sent to the Fund in general by writing a check or money order payable to —

The DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund
c/o The Detectives’ Endowment Association
26 Thomas Street
New York, NY 10007
Attn: Victor Cipullo, Vice President.

As with this and past events all monies raised go to the charity itself, we have streamlined all expenses to the point where there are virtually none, everything is a donation including the venue, the wrist bands andT-shirts. This yearly event has been and is an important part of the healing process that needs to happen so we as a city and a nation can move forward and heal.

The purpose of our fundraising efforts are to help others while trying not to reopen or renew painfull memories for those in our community that bore the brunt of the tragedies that befell us over the last decade.

Everybody has the right to go to and return home after a hard days work to their loved ones without fear or threat of harm, its is not until we become involved ourselves in an event, that we realize for the first time how many people are involved in keeping us safe and secure everyday. These are our Armed Services, the men and women of law enforcement, the fire department and corrections, the doctors and nurses that tend to us, and even the good Samaritans that happen to pass by unhailed and often remain anonymous.

Our Sept fundraiser is an attempt to acknowledge and say thank you to those that help us and protect us in our daily lives, their unselfish efforts and selfless devotion to our community should never be forgotten.

The daily actions and good deeds made by these brave individuals, whose sole drive is to help others, generally go unnoticed and even less often thanked. We the public are often too quick to remember the negative and slow to celebrate the positive.

This simple effort of ours is but a tear drop in an ocean of apathy, but an effort none the less, so let us open our hearts to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and keep the memory of their heroic deeds alive, we owe them so much more, they can never be replaced, and they should never be forgotten.

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