5th Annual 9/11 Seminar

On Saturday September 6th, we will have our 5th Annual Commemorative 9/11 seminar to raise money for The DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund (please visit: http://www.nycdetectives.org/widows.html).

The B-Warrior Dojo (on 53rd b/t 2nd & 3rd Avenue) will host the event from 11am – 4pm.

We have tried to keep the event a low key and intimate affair, as the subject matter is not only topical to our current times but extremely personal for many of us. It is a day when we celebrate the living breathing art which we call Budo Taijutsu. This title does not exclude any other art; Bu-do encompasses all arts, and it includes everyone who tries to help others and improve their communities.

Currently we expect the following instructors to participate for some portion of the day:

  • Jack Hoban
  • Matt Hildreth
  • Brayner Martinez
  • Mark Guest
  • and other special guests.

    Click here to read Mark’s extended post from July 30th.

    As with previous seminars, the cost to attend for the day is $100. All proceeds collected during the day will go directly to the foundation. You can pay for the seminar with cash, by writing a check to Nynpo, Inc., or by writing a check directly to the fund:

    The DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund
    c/o The Detectives’ Endowment Association
    26 Thomas Street
    New York, NY 10007
    Attn: Victor Cipullo, Vice President.

    which we will collect and package to send as one donation.

    Thank you in advance for your participation in this event, one that we have developed over the years as a way for us to step outside ourselves and help those who need it.