September 23rd, 2009

September Update

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Its been a while since our last post, and a lot has happened in that time. As many of you may have gathered we did not hold our annual 911 seminar, we felt with the current climate the way it is, that it would be unfair to bring undue hardship to anyone by asking them to donate monies to charity. We will continue next year in a slightly different vein.
Its been a busy period for me, but a quiet period for others, its important during this busy times to take care of basics, as in not to overlook them, and when we have down time, its important to renew them and to re calibrate them, accuracy and consistency is in part based on the repeated application of technical knowledge in a physical format/medium.
I will be attending the NJ summer camp hosted by Jack Hoban this coming weekend and Im looking forward to seeing many old friends and some new faces….M

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March 25th, 2009

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

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We successfully conducted our first Women’s Self-Defense Seminar on March 14th at the 53rd St Dojo.  Approximately 25 women attended and many others stopped by to observe and donate.  In addition to Mark, a few brave dojo members were in attendance to play the role of attacker for the participants.


The day began with exercises in basic movement, followed by the application of that movement to various assault scenarios.  Each participant had a chance to demonstrate a technique in front of the class and this was definitely the most rewarding (and entertaining) part of the day.  Despite some initial trepidation, almost everyone managed to show an effective application of at least one technique.  Many of the participants surprised themselves and it was awesome to see their smiles when something worked for them.  Those “AHA!” moments keep us coming back to our training!  To supplement Mark’s instruction, many of the participants asked thoughtful questions and presented ideas that were explored during the course of the seminar.  The day was ended with some “helping others” training scenarios. 


This seminar managed to incorporate some of the basics of Budo Taijutsu and effective body movement into practical, real world assault situations.  It is our intent to conduct these seminars on a regular basis so that the training is fresh in the participant’s minds, ideas can be explored and skills can be built upon and further honed.  More to follow on that. 


Perhaps the biggest success of the day was that we raised $450 for Safe Horizon.  This NYC based organization offers counseling, case management, shelters and support programs for victims of assault and domestic abuse.  Their website is 


Sincere thanks go out to all involved –

  • Mark our fearless instructor
  • Brayner for the awesome training space
  • The guys (particularly Dan) who donated their bodies
  • Everyone who donated money
  • Everyone who attended


See you next time!


March 1st, 2009


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March 14th we will host a introduction to women’s self defence techniques and their application, it will take place at the 53rd St Dojo from 12 -2pm, donations on the day will go to a women’s charity TBD by vote on the day, all are welcome, there will be some “crash test dummies” on hand to practice on ( male volunteers). Look forward to seeing everyone on the day, Regards Mark .

March 1st, 2009

Seminars-Feb 09

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Thank you to the Guys and Gals of Chapel Hill NC. I had a great time there and felt a great energy and vitality , I was made feel very welcome . For those of you who aren’t aware of the history of their Dojo it was founded by Dr Richard Stack many years ago, in the days when I still some dark hairs on my head, its been over 10years  now since I first made my first foray into the wilds of North Carolina, Myself and Phil Little attended a Steven Hayes seminars Hosted by Dr Stack,  we had a fantastic time all those years ago, we made some live long friends, and found a small piece of tranquillity in the process, a place I return to frequently. Every time I’m down in NC I make every effort to visit the Chapel Hill Quest Center,  and say Hi, last week was no exception this time we covered some basics and their inter-relationship to other techniques in the various ryu’s, some are quite obscure, and some are obvious, but all of these connections are tied with deep roots to the basics.  I look forward to my next vacation and my next visit to the Carolinas.

February 2nd, 2009

New schedule for the new year

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Happy new year to all, sorry its been so long since my last posting, things have been very busy, even in these times of uncertainty and unease we can still remain busy, simply keeping our collective heads down has never been a bad strategy regardless of whats ahead. Remaining an active member of society is as equally important as remaining physically and mentally active, if your wondering what you’ve been training for in the past, well here the chance to put your training into practice, we train hard for hard times, we are now living in  a time period where we will need our art more than ever, our training and practice keeps us prepared for these  changes and the basics  keep us centered in times of uncertainty.

We now have classes twice a week Tue and Thurs evenings 8-9.30pm at the 53rd & 3rd location, also new members can avail of training mon to fri . We will also have the occasional sat morning seminar for those that request it.  The  fee structure for  students enrolling in the new year can be found at or simply contact the dojo by email and they will answer all your questions , and dont forget to ask if there are any special offers for new students.

BWarrior NYC Martial Arts
230 E. 53rd Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10022
ph:  (212) 752-3810

 We have started the year with the basics and fundamentals of sword work if you have your own training equipment I strongly urge you to practice at home as often as possible, it is only thru constant practice that we can begin to improve,  and by developing an insight with which we can discern the change in ourselves, “Times they are a changin” lets make sure were ahead of the curve, train when you can , practice when you can, stay in contact and be supportive of friends and family on a regular basis, take nothing for granted and  live life to your fullest potential for as long as you can. Sadness and loneliness and feeling helpless are common emotions in hard times like these, what makes them bearable is knowing that your not alone. If you where wondering in the past why structure and the basics where/are so important, its not that they simply have to be able to support just you, they have to be strong enough and stable enough to support and protect everyone else you care about, good luck with that….M