October 16th, 2007

NOVA Secrets of the Samurai Sword

Posted in News by Eric

A great NOVA program aired last week called the Secrets of the Samurai Sword. Far from just a been-there-done-that piece on the ‘legend of the samurai,’ it was a deep dive into how swords are made, and the metallurgy and science behind samurai sword development.

  • Secrets of the Samurai Minisite
  • Transcript of entire episode
  • September 10th, 2007

    Dont forget it’s Buyu Camp

    Posted in Seminars by Mark

    Just a reminder that this coming weekend is the the Buyu east coast seminar, details can be found at the www.winjutsu.com  site or on our links page, its great fun, and a definitely not to be missed yearly event, hope to see some of you there, Regards Mark.

    September 9th, 2007

    The Fourth and final chapter in the SAR 911 fundraiser

    Posted in Seminars by Mark

    A great day was had by all. Jack was in fine form for the morning session, with plenty of effective real world ideas and techniques. Before we broke for lunch Jack took the time to explain what it meant to him to take part in the seminar, and what was involved in our training, and perhaps what we were training for. He touched on the fact that there are people training in the arts who use these ideas and techniques in the real world for good reason, to help others. It’s this reason that makes us all quite similar in many ways, and that maybe it’s our perceived or invented differences that are used against us, or used by us against others. Simply put, if you do something, do it for the right reasons and not out of prejudice, hatred or fear. 

    The lunch break gave everyone the chance to catch up with each other, chat, to ask questions, and eat good food.The afternoon proceeded in the same vein, with both myself and Matt keeping up the pace into the early evening. As we broke for the day, we took stock of what exactly our efforts were in aid of. We discussed the aims of the seminar and whether or not we had reached them. We discussed the support and the lack of it from many within the martial art community as a whole, we talked about the direction of the seminar in the future and who should benefit from our efforts.The topics were varied but the consensus of opinion was that we should choose another charity organization to raise money, we have to date raised almost $9,000 dollars which has gone or will go to SAR organizations. For the first 2 years The Bear Search & Rescue Foundation received nearly $4,000 and the rest has gone or will go to NY Search & Rescue.  We have tried to help others in the greater NY area, and now I think we should turn our attentions inward and help those that help us to go about our daily lives in a safe and relatively peaceful environment.

    So, next year we hope to hold a seminar for the widows and orphans of members of the law enforcement community, in the hope that we can do something in return for those who have given so much of themselves to help others. The ultimate price of self-sacrifice goes way beyond the self; it affects the lives of all the family members of those that have fallen in the line of duty.  I think it only fitting that we should acknowledge their supreme efforts and assist them where we can—a little effort goes along way and it can mean a great difference to those who will never forget what it means to be a member of a truly dedicated fraternity of brothers and sisters that hold the line for us, by putting their lives on it.  If we can help as a group or individually we will do so.

    The final tally isn’t in yet, but when it is, we will contact NYSAR and donate it. We will keep you posted of any developments and any responses that we get. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who donated money or attended on the day and to those attendees who supported us in the past. To those who didn’t, hey what can I say, it’s what you support and what you live for that defines you as a human being, and what we choose to offer our lives for.  We as a community are responsible for all the men and women who have been injured or killed in the line of duty, whether it was on the streets of NY or on the battlefields, they have made and are making sacrifices everyday in our name……..So what can your art do for them ? 

    August 28th, 2007

    4th Annual 9/11 Seminar – UPDATE

    Posted in Seminars, What We Train, Why We Train by Eric

    Our 4th Annual 9/11 commemorative fundraising seminar will take place on Saturday September 8th. A detailed page with more complete instructions has been posted in our seminars area. Click here to find out more and register.

    August 4th, 2007

    Upcoming seminars

    Posted in Seminars by Mark

    Its only weeks away now,  “The  Annual 911 Fundraiser”  we are proud to announce that this years event will take place  at the B-Warrior Dojo on 53rd and 3rd  on Sat Sept 8th, from 10am till 6pm, details on how to get there can be found at www.bwarrior.com or by contacting us. This Fundraiser, will be the fourth chapter in the groups efforts to raise funds for SAR  groups in NY area, check out (http://www.newyorksearchandrescue.org/), the groups effort to date has included people and Dojo’s from around the World and The US.

    This year promises to bring together another extraordinary collection of martial artists form as far afield as MA, NJ, NY,PA ,GA, NC, including Dojo’s in Florida and upstate New York and as far west has you can get without getting your feet wet. (please feel free to contact me and have your state included in this list). We even had visitors from  Ireland, the UK and Europe over the years. We have tried and somewhat succeeded in keeping the event a low key and intimate affair, as the subject matter is not only topical to our current times but extremely personal for many of us, it is a day when we celebrate the living breathing art which we call Bu-do tai jitsu, this title does not exclude any other art, Bu-do encompasses all arts , it includes everyone who tries to help others and improve their communities .

    If you have any questions about this years event please contact us, we have tried to keep the costs down and we will keep the same donation/cost as last year, all proceeds go to the organisation of choice, we try to maintain as low as possible expenses, so that the most amount of money gets to those people that need it, imagine one day if someone you knew was found by a SAR team , but more importantly imagine someone else’s families happiness at having their loved ones rescued and returned to them.

     Ultimately the greatest gift is the selfless act of sacrifice to help others, at this moment in time there are hundreds of thousands of the men and women of our armed services defending our rights and freedoms, At home we are protected and cared for by our Police and Fire Departments this includes EMT ‘s, Nurses and Doctors, on any given day we are cared for by individuals we do not acknowledge or even know. We as a society are only as strong as the community in which we live and support, we are now part of a global community , a community where we as individuals are responsible for the health , welfare and safety of everyone in it, to the exclusion of no one.

     More details to follow, the when, where, and who, this year we will have  Mr Jack Hoban  NJ, Mr Mark Davis MA,  Mr Matt Hilldreth NY,  Mr Ken De Jesus FL, and some other visitors who may just show up on  the day, Sat 8th Sept, donations are same as last year, the venue to be confirmed depending on attendance, there is local accommodations and spare beds if required( i.e.floors!),  we will also attempt to answer all questions in a competent and expeditious manner for those that we cant answer, we will simply make something up…